The Sun and the Wind

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Title in Kulisusu: Oleo te Ngalu

Told by: Sukman Tarima (La Dema)

Date: March 2004

This is the story of the sun and the wind.

People say that once, a long time ago, the sun and the wind were disputing. In this dispute of theirs, they were arguing who was the strongest of the two of them, whether it was the wind or the sun. After they had been arguing for some time, the outcome was still inconclusive.

Just then, a person was passing by. “Ah,” they said, “if it’s like that, let’s make a wager so that we know who wins. Therefore our wager will be this: whoever can get the jacket off that man passing by down below, he will be the winner.” They both wanted to do it. They agreed to this bet.

After that the wind went first. The wind blew on the man passing by, how he worked to make the jacket come free. But in his blowing, however strong he blew, the stronger man held onto his coat. Until he was exhausted, the wind wasn't able to get the jacket off of the man.

After the wind had finished, it was the sun’s turn. The sun also sent out his rays. In sum as strongly as the man held onto his coat, the sun strengthened his rays. Not long after that, the man passing by took off his jacket, because he was hot and his clothes were wet with sweat. After taking off his jacket, he dried it in the sun.

Until today, the wind acknowledges his defeat. To conclude their story, until today the sun is victorious. Like that is the story from times past between the sun and the wind.

We hope you enjoyed this story. You can also listen to this story told in Kulisusu, or download a print version (pdf) which gives the story in all three languages. 



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