Until today there has not emerged an established orthography (spelling system) for the Kulisusu language. The result is that each writer may employ a slightly different system. For example, some people use the digraphs bh and dh while others do not. People also make word breaks in different places, for example keto lako or ke tolako or ketolako `if we go'. 

In order to write the Kulisusu language consistently on this website, we have used the conventions in the guide that can be viewed or downloaded using the media links below. (This guide is only available in Indonesian.) 

We do not intend to say that Kulisusu must be written this way. Although we can give input from the viewpoint of linguistics, no one person or organization can impose writing conventions for the Kulisusu language, because they must emerge over time from within the Kulisusu community itself. This process will include testing different conventions among those who have become, or are becoming, fluent readers and writers.

We invite Kulisusu people to join this process. The way you can help is by starting to read and write your own language.