Childhood Celebrations

Petompo'a - first pregnancy ceremony, performed when a woman is about seven months into her first pregnancy. This ceremony is not repeated for subsequent pregnancies.

Peambo'a - naming ceremony, usually performed on the eighth or fortieth day after a child has been born.

Peko'iria - hair cutting ceremony, performed before a child is five years old, and most often performed around one year of age. 

Pesondo'a - first-born ceremony, performed for one's first-born child sometime prior to when he or she is circumcised. This ceremony is not repeated for younger siblings.

Kabengka'a - circumcision ceremony, performed for both boys and girls prior to puberty, and usually between the ages of five to ten.

In the future we hope to provide more information concerning each of these ceremonies. 

After circumcision, the next life ceremonies are  engagement and marriage.