Musical Instruments

The following instruments are traditional or common in the Kulisusu area. Use the links to see pictures, hear sample music, and learn more about each instrument.

If no link is available, please check back later since we are continually updating our website.

Percussion Instruments

tamburu - marching drum
ganda maludu - Malay tambourine
pasala & tepe - gamelan drums

ndoo - bass gong
tawa - middle-voice gong
ndengu-ndengu - gong chime

kato-kato - slit drum
kandii-ndii - attention bell

Wind Instruments

suli - bamboo flute
ngkoo-ngkoo - conch-shell trumpet

String Instruments

gambosu - seven-stringed boat-lute
kasapi - two-stringed boat-lute
piola - spitted lute
hitara - guitar


rinta - jew's harp