Other Celebrations

Pekocupa'ano Sangia - a commemorative feast held household by household, usually around February.

Rampu'a - pit-baking, when families light bonfires, then cook food overnight with hot rocks in pits covered with leaves and dirt. This celebration is particular to the villages of Kampo Entaa, Rombo and Linsowu. It is usually held in the dry season from August to October. 

Poriwanga E'e - a commemoration of when village wells were dug, held once every three years in Rombo and Kampo Entaa.

Haroano Laa - held in villages from Langkumbe to Lambale.

Rapano Ta'u - held in Langkumbe, Lambale and Langere.

Kambalu'a Lewe Wiu - held in Lambale, Buranga and Ngapaea.

In the future we hope to provide more information concerning each of these celebrations.