List of Games

In Kulisusu we play many games. Some of them are our own games. Some we have in common with other parts of Indonesia. Some like chess and volleyball we have adopted from abroad.

Use the links to find out more about each game. If no link is available, please check back later since we are continually updating our website.

Toys and Games of Amusement

balo - balloons
balo-balo - bubble plastic
dongkula - coconut-shell sandals
ka'ana-ana - dolls
kabangka-bangka - toy boats
kabene-bene - soap bubbles
kabue-bue - play swing
kapijo-pijo - squirt gun
kapuu-puu - noisemaker
katemba-temba - popgun
mekaraha-raha - to play house
mekaroda-roda - hoop and stick (hoop trundling)
pate - slingshot

Games of Strength

mekahela rabuta - tug of war
mesemba - kick the calves

Tag Games

me'ase - line tag
mebente - capture the fort
me'enggo - capture the pole
mekambuni-mbuni - hide and seek
mengkatooji - tag
??? - blind man's bluff

Games of Jumping and Balance

meie-ie - Chinese jump rope
mekempa - hopscotch
mesaka'i lumonso - jump rope

Ball Games

meboi - dodge ball
megolu - soccer
mesepa - raga football
mevoli - volleyball

Other Games of Skill

mebaguli - bunny-hole marbles
meeda - cashew seed game
me'elo - rubber band quoits
mehule - spinning tops
mekasosongko - kicking coconut shells
mekateko - juggling
mekatende - knucklebones
mekoka - cowrie shell game
mepocis - bull-ring marbles
meredi - hit the stick
mesandika - striking coconut shell tiles

Board and Card Games

mecatur - chess
medaa - tiger checkers
medomi - dominoes
metiga - tic-tac-toe
mekabadudi - mancala
mesong - ???
mewayang - card toss

Gambling Games

mebinongko - rummy
meceme - baccarat
melengko - sic bo
mebiliar - billiards
bumoke - cock fighting