Molosu Lake

Title in Kulisusu: E'e i Molosu

Told by: La Bura

Date: March 1996

The story of Molosu Lake.

The lake at Molosu is the haunt of many jinns.

The size of the lake is two hectares, and its depth is five fathoms. All the products of the sea live in that lake. There are fish, there are trochuses, there is also red seaweed, black-lip oysters, sea cucumbers, green sea turtles, hawksbill sea turtles, and the mangrove tree called tongke are in Lake Molosu, tended by La Bura.

At first when I lived on the Cape, all those jinns intimidated me. After I had lived at the Cape for a while, they ordered me to plant a garden, and to set up a fishing weir.

More than ten years I lived at the Cape. One time I saw the hidden people.

Previously when I first lived at the cape, if one coughed, if one yelled, the ones called jinns would echo us at their home at the place called the Cape. La Bura alone was able to inhabit that place.

The end.

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