The Kulisusu verb mompuu means ‘to blow’; a kapuu-puu is a kind of toy whistle or noisemaker that can be made entirely from a single leaflet of a coconut palm frond.

To make the noisemaker, take a leaflet and completely remove the midrib. Next, cut a small rectangular piece for the reed, about one and a half inches long and three-quarters of an inch wide. Fold in half lengthwise, so that it is now about three-eighths of an inch wide. Next, take a length of palm frond leaflet about two feet long. Insert the narrower end into the fold of the reed, then wrap it around the reed and keep wrapping until you come to the end. Tie the end with a narrow strip of palm leaflet so that it doesn’t come unwound. You can also just use tape if available.

If made correctly, the more you wrap, the longer the whistle becomes. About half an inch of the reed should protrude from the mouth end of the noisemaker. The noisemaker has no particular use, it’s just something entertaining for children.